Cavaliers awaiting healthy treats

Question asked: Are Milk-Bone treats good for your dog?

The answer: No! Not really at all. For a few reasons we don't recommend Milk-Bone treats to our dogs and the number one reason is they contain BHA, a preservative that is a known carcinogen. This is a preservative that is over used in highly processed dog food. The second reason would be that the wheat, soy and corn is hard for dogs to digest and offers very little nutritional value. The third reason is the sugar added to these treats that dogs simply do not need.

If you had to choose a treat for your dog, it should be something that benefits them nutritionally. And finding something they like better than Milk-Bone dog treats is easy. In fact, if you ask your dog to choose between one of our single sourced treats from our new vendor Farm Hounds and Milk-Bone... Farm Hounds will win every time. Plus they are pure meat packed with more nutrients and flavor they will love. Our next favorite is Icelandic+ dried fish skins.. I know, they are stinky but they offer a great source for omega-3 and 6 nutrients. The treats you find in our boutique are only single source, healthy treats with no additives, preservatives, or dyes. Guaranteed! 

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