How does your dog food rate?

How does your dog food rate?

Not everyone has the time to sit around reading and learning about their dogs nutritional needs. It truly is something we care about though because we love them like family. We expect to get the knowledge of what is good for our dog from their vet. But many times the big dog food companies are teaching veterinary students these days and, of course, they are going to recommend what is best for the big dog food company. So what if an unbiased, knowledgeable nutritionist came in and helped? Right? It is out there and we are sharing it.

Food is rated not by just the ingredients but how it is processed and cooked. So what if your bag of food says its number one ingredient is beef or chicken if it has been overcook most of all the nutrients are gone, it is just a dry biscuit. That is what dry kibble dog food is. It is so highly over processed and what you get in the end needs all these supplemental vitamins and minerals added in. It is basically like if you and I eat cheetoes for our meals and then took a all purpose multi vitamin everyday. This is not healthy eating for our dogs.

Now if you take the same beef or chicken and feed it raw, you would be getting all the nutrients from that protein. There is also freeze dry raw and air dry raw options which also do not over process the ingredients. 

So this makes a huge difference in a rating system for dog food. Basically I was taught by a nutritionist to shop fresh meat and produce and skip all the center aisles of the grocery, ditch the boxed good and items with more than 1 to 3 ingredients. Go for the most fresh food.

So I hope you all will check out your dog's food rating at Dog Food Reviews and see how your dog food rates. They are looking out independently separate from the big dog food companies to let you know what is safe for your dog. Their advisory board has a unique perspective on dog nutrition backed with science and experience. And a few PhD veterinarians that focus on nutrition and holistic methods. When you read the reviews and rating they explain why they choose the rating they did and it makes our job of buying a good nutritional meal for our dog easier.

So I hope you find this as educational for you and your pup but please share this information with friends and family. We need to take on the big dog food companies by making good choices for our pets, our partners and companions in life. The more we work together to change the pet food industry, the more we will make things better for our best friend.


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