Simple Beef Roast with Veggies

Simple Beef Roast with Veggies

I know not everyone can take the time to cook for their pets but I love this simple meal that I can make pretty quickly and it is also a great topper to anyone feeding kibble to boost nutrition.

I do not measure anything out because I am really just trying to use the whole bell pepper or the whole container of shiitake mushrooms I bought. I will never, ever be able to use the huge bundle of kale I buy but it is very inexpensive (about $2.00).

In this basic recipe you can change veggies or proteins anytime. I call it a roast since I slowly cook everything together at 325 degrees, just stirring all the ingredients once during roasting to make sure everything is cooked evenly, until gently cooked about 40 minutes.

Beef Roast with Veggies

  • Beef Sirloin or Beef Stew Meat about 2 1/2 lb
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper 
  • 4 to 5 Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 16 oz Butternut Squash
  • Huge Handful of Kale
  • 1 Broccoli Crown

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Chop all veggies and then cut up beef into bite sizes. Mix and combine all ingredients and put into a roasting pan. Cook for about 20 minutes and then take out and stir ingredients and then cook again for another 20 minutes until gently cooked. Let cool to re-absorb juices. Divide into containers or serve right away. This also can also be froze and used in the future.

Veggies for Dogs

So why do I prefer these veggies? I absolutely love the red bell pepper of all the bell peppers because is has the most nutritional value because it has been on the vine longer than the orange, yellow or green peppers. Red bell peppers are rich in vitamins A, C, E, B6, beta-carotene and lutein. Bell pepper is an important antioxidant for a dog's healthy immune system. Beta carotene and vitamin A is important for their skin, coat and eye health. I feed red bell pepper raw and cooked to my dogs.

Why I love shiitake mushrooms: These mushrooms gently cooked can improve skin and help immune function. They also support liver and kidney functions, can stabilize blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, boost weight loss and reduce blood pressure. Let us not forget that they can also prevent heart disease and prevent cancer. Longevity is the goal, wellness, and good health! 

Butternut squash: Butternut squash is filled with potassium, vitamin A and C. It can help with hair loss and skin problems, help grow and strengthen muscles and help benefit the nerves and the kidneys of our pets.

Kale: My dogs love their kale all yummily (my new word) cooked down in beef juices and kale is great for colon health and liver detoxification. Kale is full of two main antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. It is also a good source of fiber and vitamins A, K and iron. It does cook down when I use it in my beef roast just like spinach. 

Last but not least broccoli: Broccoli is full of vitamin C, K and potassium which can help heart health and the immune system. I feed my dogs fresh and cook broccoli.

This is not a complete nutritional meal for a dog so I add a single canned sardine, one egg, egg shell power (for calcium) and a pinch of garlic with a pinch of flax seeds when I serve this roast. I also think if you add just a bit of organ meat like beef liver and beef heart to the recipe, you'd be able to serve this without a supplement. It is also a great way to boost nutrition to a kibble diet and even to a raw food diet since the veggies in this roast are so beneficial to their health. 

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